Wellness Centre

What better way then, to enjoy a moment of complete well-being, than to spend a relaxing break in the wellness centre of Hotel Compet
A small peaceful oasis where relaxation is the keyword when you step into the scented steam bath cave, the purifying Finnish sauna, the bio herbal sauna or the infrared sauna and hot tub. 

All this in the "company" of soothing background music that you can listen to while comfortably lying down in the relaxation area.

Finnish sauna: typical of Nordic countries, it purifies, detoxes and soothes the muscles. It’s a "bath" with very hot and dry air (with temperature inside the cabin of approximately 90 °C).

Bio herbal sauna: similar to the Finnish sauna, but less warm (60 °C) and more humid, with inhalation of herbs.

Scented steam bath: a real steam bath with temperatures of 40-45 °C and a humidity of about 99%.

Infrared sauna: cabin temperature: approx. 50 °C. The infrared rays generated by the pipes penetrate the skin, providing a deep sensation of warmth in your muscle tissue, which makes this sauna great for those who practice sports or for people suffering from rheumatism.

Next to our wellness centre you will find a small but fully equipped gym dedicated to the lovers of fitness, where you can strengthen "your muscles". Guests have a circuit with 5 professional machines at their disposal for their work-out: 2 exercise bikes, 1 treadmill, 1 step machine and 1 multifunction machine.

Far from all the stress of city life and immersed in a totally regenerating environment, where you can regain your mental and physical balance and enjoy the perfect holiday just two steps from the ski slopes of Panarotta.



Il direttore

Dal 4 dicembre 2011 il nostro nuovo "direttore" è lui: Mattia!