Ruins of Castello di Selva

Ruins of Castello di Selva (about 2 h on foot) 

We start off from Giardini Salus (viale Vittorio Emanuele) going up vicolo Fosse and then turning on the right along viale Roma. With Parco delle Terme on the north side, we walk down via Silva Domini until we reach Salita al Castello, where we can admire a beautiful view of the town of Selva. Going up towards the Castle, we turn left along the ancient cobbled moat that leads to the ruins of Castel Selva (613 m). Past the Castle, we continue along a forest trail that at the junction with the dirt road bends right down to via Pontara. From here we reach the centre of Selva (493 m). We make our way back to Levico Terme down via per Selva and then Via de Gasparri.



Il direttore

Dal 4 dicembre 2011 il nostro nuovo "direttore" รจ lui: Mattia!